Federal Task Force


  • To track federal legislation and other actions of the federal government.
  • Communicate regularly with the Georgia Congressional Delegation to gather information on federal legislation and activities of each member of the delegation.
  • Share our ideas with members of Congress concerning policies we support or oppose.
  • Build relationships with staff members designated as communication contacts for Georgia Tea Party.
  • Attend public meetings, constituent meetings, town hall meetings and private conferences with the member and/or the member’s staff.
  • Engage in and recommend advocacy activities to GTP members to support or oppose legislation.
  • Propose policy solutions to public officials, consistent with GTP principles and priorities.

Georgia Tea Party Federal Priorities

Authority of the Constitution

  • GTP supports a process requiring all legislation considered by Congress to stipulate its basis of authority in the Constitution.
  • GTP supports limiting the responsibilities of the federal government as defined by the Constitution and the Founders’ original intent. This requires reprioritizing federal policies, re-aligning federal programs, re-evaluating funding in order to meet constitutional requirements and repealing unconstitutional legislation.

Health Care Reform

  • GTP supports repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.
  • GTP supports limited health care reform at the federal level that unleashes free-market forces, empowers patients and encourages physicians and health care providers to compete for the opportunity to provide the best care to patients.
  • GTP supports medical liability tort reform in order to reduce excessive damages for pain and suffering.

Entitlement Reform

  • GTP supports reform of federal entitlement programs that honors commitments to current recipients while shrinking government involvement and expanding private sector alternatives.

Cap and Trade / Emission Trading

  • GTP opposes cap-and-trade systems to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Such schemes are ill-conceived, based on inaccurate scientific assumptions and faulty data, and subject to massive fraud. Carbon dioxide should not be classified as a pollutant, as it is a key ingredient for life.
  • GTP supports federal legislation removing the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.
  • GTP supports defunding the EPA, if necessary, in order to force it to return to a role consistent with the separation of powers as defined in the Constitution.


GTP supports an American energy plan that provides energy reliability and security, lowers costs and lays the foundations for long-term economic growth. A pro-growth plan would:

  • Develop offshore energy resources by removing legal barriers to offshore drilling for oil, while requiring safety measures and responsible practices that protect the environment.
  • Allow drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Promote natural gas and oil shale development.
  • Reform the arduous permitting process for nuclear power plants and introduce market principles for nuclear waste management reform.
  • Remove energy subsidies so that innovation, efficiency, cost and free market principles determine market winners and losers – not the government. Energy subsidies and mandates reduce competition, inflate prices and stifle technological advances.
  • Reverse policies and resist future policies that render useful products obsolete through poorly-conceived regulations, such as the ban on incandescent light bulbs, the elimination of useful appliances or attempts to eliminate the internal combustion engine.

Legal Immigration

  • GTP supports strict enforcement of U.S. borders and calls for the establishment of policies, procedures and budgets necessary to protect our borders from the entry of illegal aliens. Current border enforcement practices constitute a national security crisis.
  • GTP supports federal policies that protect states and citizens from the negative impact of illegal aliens. Remedies GTP would support include empowering local law enforcement officials to enforce federal laws; measures to capture and remove dangerous and violent illegal aliens from the community; programs to identify and remove illegal aliens; completing the construction of fences and related barriers along our borders; and the elimination of federal funds to so-called “sanctuary cities”.

Job Creation

  • GTP supports reducing taxes and regulations that stifle American jobs.
  • Eliminate the capital gains tax to encourage investment in new companies.
  • Reduce or eliminate the corporate income tax to make the U.S. globally competitive.
  • Permanently eliminate the death tax so small businesses and family farms can continue creating jobs for future generations
  • Oppose all job-killing tax increases. Repeal job-killing small business mandates like the new 1099 paperwork rules in the new health care act.
  • Rein in government agencies that circumvent checks-and-balances by requiring Congress to approve all new regulations.

Government Spending and Taxation

  • GTP supports the elimination of earmarks in the federal budget process. While earmarks may fund worthy projects at times, they encourage the inclusion of wasteful spending in appropriations bills and are used to leverage additional wasteful spending in a process that is unethical and lacks transparency.
  • GTP opposes the use of any additional stimulus spending to accelerate economic recovery. The stimulus program is fraught with wasteful spending and has done little to “stimulate” the economy. Any leftover stimulus funds should be used to reduce the federal budget deficit.
  • GTP supports dramatic reductions in federal spending that eliminate federal deficit spending, including implementation of zero-based budgeting and elimination of functions not authorized by the Constitution. Congress must scrutinize each budget and agency to eliminate those that are no longer necessary, regardless of special interest support, to serve the interests of all people. Government should not perform functions that can be handled by the private sector.
  • GTP supports reform and simplification of the federal tax system consistent with the principles of limited government. The federal income tax, in its current form, must be transitioned to a system that is non-intrusive and no longer uses tax incentives for purposes of social engineering and picking winners and losers. Either a consumption tax or a flat income tax should replace the current system.

National Defense

  • GTP supports a system of national defense that is second to none in order to protect liberty of our citizens and the sovereignty of our nation for our generation and those to follow.

Preserve the Free Market System

  • GTP supports free markets and opposes government over-regulation or takeovers of private enterprise. We oppose legislation that stifles personal liberty or the choices of consumers in the marketplace.
  • End government control of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, GM, Post Office, etc.
  • Oppose card check proposal that puts union bosses before an individual’s right to a secret ballot.

Key Areas of GTP Interest

Consistent with GTP Federal Priorities, key areas of policy and education can be grouped in the following broad categories:

U.S. Constitution
Health Care Reform
Entitlement Reform
Energy & Environment
Legal Immigration
Budget, Taxation & Spending
Defense & Foreign Policy
Government Regulation

Any and all of these are key subjects that could be developed by an FTF members or members working together. We encourage any FTF volunteer who wants to develop these subject areas with research and policy solutions to do so. For the FTF as a whole, the focus for the foreseeable future will be in four key areas:

  • Controlling and reducing federal spending
  • Reforming federal tax policy
  • Scaling back federal regulation of the economy, consistent with free enterprise principles
  • Restoring sound money through a monetary system that is consistent with free markets

We encourage FTF member volunteers to research issues, track legislation, and report key developments. Sources of research should be documented so more detailed verification can be obtained if needed.


Research on key legislation and federal actions are an important function of the Task Force. Those who research federal issues and policies are welcome to share their findings at FTF meetings and at GTP Volunteer meetings. Once we are informed about an issue or piece of legislation, we can recommend actions to assist in the passage or defeat of legislation.